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The following are the terms and conditions for the use of this web portal as well as the rights and responsibilities while accessing and/or using the services provided on this website.
Choosing to access this web portal serves affirms that you have agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions provided thus constituting an agreement between you, as the user of this web portal, and us.

These new terms and conditions will automatically revoke all previous terms and conditions that you have accepted or accessed through this web portal. Subsequent use and/or access to the web portal will be considered as an acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Exclusions and limitations

Please take note that you hereby understand and accept that we shall not be responsible or liable for damages arising out of or in connection with your use of this website, direct or indirect, consequential or exemplary. This includes, without limitation to loss of profits, loss of trust or nominal damages arising out of:

(1) The use or inability to use of this service; (2) costs for attaining goods and substituted services in the purchase of any goods, data, information or services or messages received or any transactions made through this website; (3) access without permission or changes in delivery or your data; (4) representations made by a third party through this website; or (5) anything related to this web portal.


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We are authorized to end your access to the whole or any part of the service and any other related services at any time with or without cause, whether notified or not, effective immediately. We are also authorized to terminate or suspend an inactive account. An inactive account is an account which has not been logged in or utilized for a certain period of time. You hereby acknowledge that we will not be liable to you or any third party in the event access to the services provided has been terminated.

Changes to the Terms of Services

We are authorized to make amend, modify, cancel or add to the terms and conditions from time to time by giving prior notice. However, in the event of an emergency or for the safety of the website or in any event beyond our control where amendments, modifications, cancellations or additions are necessary, we may do so without prior notification. It is agreed thereon that you shall access and re-read these terms and conditions on a regular basis to check for the latest amendments, modifications, cancellations or additions. You shall thereby acknowledge and accept that continuous access and the use of these terms and conditions (changed or modified from time to time) shall amount to the acceptance of any amendments, modifications, cancellations or additions to the terms and conditions.

Modification of Services

We are empowered to modify or terminate the services (or any part of the service) either temporarily or permanently at any time whether with or without notice. You shall hereby agree that we shall not be liable for the modifications, suspension or termination of services affecting you or any third party.


The above headings are for reference only and will not be taken into account in defining the terms and conditions.

If any of these allocations of terms are deemed invalid or unenforceable under the law or any current or future regulations, the allocated term shall be separated and these terms shall be deemed severed and the remaining terms will continue to apply.